Several areas of the Capital received heavy rain on Friday bringing the maximum temperature down to 36.2 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature stood at 27.4 degrees Celsius.

“Rainfall activity is likely to decrease over plains of North-West India from Saturday onward. Delhi recorded 16 mm of rainfall since morning 8-30 a.m. A shift in the axis of the monsoon caused heavy rain in Delhi and neighbouring areas. Till Wednesday, the axis was south of its normal position because of which Rajasthan and Gujarat received good rainfall. Thereafter the axis started shifting close to the Himalayan foothills and heavy rain was expected in North-West States like Delhi, Haryana and Punjab till Friday,” said a Meteorological Department official.

He added that though the Capital remains rain-deficient because of the delayed monsoon. However, it is expected that with more rain in the coming days this deficit is likely to reduce significantly.

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