The old and almost decrepit houses for government employees in East Kidwai Nagar will finally pave way for tall, well-designed housing complexes. The Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC) that had earlier turned down the redevelopment proposal has finally agreed to the concept, but with some conditions. They include well ventilated and well-lit houses, adequate green cover, designated spaces for a market and a building façade that will not be marred by air conditioners and coolers jutting out from it.

At a meeting recently, the DUAC agreed to the East Kidwai Nagar redevelopment plan which will see multi-storey buildings come up adjacent to the city’s busiest hospitals—Safdarjung and All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

The DUAC has asked the plan’s architects to submit the revised plans complete with the Commission’s observations for its approval of the scheme.

“The DUAC had earlier turned down the project that involves construction of several multi-storey towers that will house government employees and will also have a few commercial properties leased out. The Commission had disapproved of the plan on the grounds that it will adversely impact the tree cover in the area, as nearly 2,500 trees were likely to be axed for the construction that will be spread over 86 acres. The Commission had also disapproved of the design and orientation of the flats, pointing out that instead of opening into green spaces, the houses faced each other, restricting the view and the high rises will take away the character of the city,” said a source.

But the acute shortage of housing for government employees and the overall demand for space, gave the project a thrust. It was sent back to the drawing board to incorporate changes recommended by the Commission.

The Commission has observed that the “repetitive nature of 23 towers” needs to be modified to bring variety in the form and an overall improvement in the urban design of the area.

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