Fog once again affected operations at Indira Gandhi International Airport here on Monday with over 46 flights getting delayed. Even though no flight was cancelled, two flights had to be diverted due to bad weather conditions.

The airport meteorological department said a total of 36 flights were delayed due to weather conditions at Delhi airport and ten were delayed because of technical reasons.

Forecasting fog conditions for Tuesday, the weatherman said visibility is likely to reduce below 200 metres in dense fog from 3-30 a.m. but would improve to 300 metres from 9-30 a.m.  

A perfect breeze with a hint of rain was the norm all day on Monday with the sun playing hide-and-seek even as the sky alternated from grey to dark blue. No rainfall was registered all day although the faint drizzle overnight resulted in 2.1 mm of rain by 8-30 a.m. in the morning.

The wind, however, added to the slightly chilly temperatures with 20.7 degrees Celsius, three degrees above normal. The minimum of 9.4 degrees Celsius was one degree below normal. The weatherman has forecast fog in the morning along with maximum temperatures of 22 degrees and minimum of 9 degrees Celsius.

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