Water consumers who switch on their motors to fill their overhead water tanks and then forget to switch it off will now have more to worry about than just inflated power bills.

The Delhi Jal Board has decided to penalise such consumers who waste water by letting their tanks overflow.

“The Board has been focusing attention on water conservation. Water, being limited in supply, needs to be used judiciously and we have been stressing the need for conserving it, but it has come to our notice that in several places consumers just let their water tanks overflow,” said Jal Board Director (Revenue) S.B. Shashank.

In its first ever drive against overflowing tanks, the Board has managed to take action against 25 consumers. “The first drive that was conducted in about 300 residences in Vasant Kunj's C-1 Block resulted in 25 consumers being challaned. Their penalty will now be decided by the Special Magistrate's office in Lapjat Nagar”, he said.

Jal Board officials said the residents' welfare associations have taken a lead in reporting such incidents and have decided to support the Board in its drive against water wastage. “The maximum penalty for water wastage is about Rs.2,000 and repeated offence will mean a fine of as high as Rs.500 a day,” Mr. Shashank said.

The enforcement drive will now be carried out in East, North and South Delhi as well. “Consumers who waste water and consume it callously will also have to pay much more because the new tariff has been designed to ensure that those who consume more will pay more,” he said.

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