The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party on Tuesday wrote a letter to Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna on the issue of solving the problem of load-shedding. It has also questioned why the Congress Government in Delhi is being soft on the private power distribution companies.

Delhi BJP president Vijender Gupta said in the letter that people have been facing an acute problem of load-shedding over the past week for four to six hours daily.

Stating that the Delhi Government has been “making lame excuses” for this load-shedding, Mr. Gupta said it is the responsibility of the State Government to procure sufficient power from the National Grid, private producers or neighbouring States so that the people may not have to face undeclared power cuts.

Since 2007, Mr. Gupta said, there is a provision in law which states that if the power distribution companies resort to undeclared power cuts then the Government may impose penalty on them and share this amount with the power consumers. “Since the Congress Government is in connivance with the power companies, even after four years this law has not been implemented by the Government,'' he charged.

On the other hand, the BJP leader said a 21.77 per cent hike in power tariff was imposed recently on the people of Delhi when they are already braving high prices. “People are not getting supply of sufficient power even after paying the higher tariff,'' he lamented.

Demanding that the role of the Congress Government of Delhi in the entire issue be looked into, Mr. Gupta said since the last week there has been load-shedding of about 2,000 MW each day and due to this the entire city is badly affected.

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