Delhi BJP president Vijender Gupta has criticised the Delhi Government for its failure to protect the rights of poor children to free education and for endorsing the nursery admission model the private schools wanted.

In a statement, Mr. Gupta said the Right to Education Act has made it clear that random system should be adopted in the admission of children. But, he said, the Delhi Government wanted to adopt the points or category system since it allows the school managements to adopt arbitrary mechanisms to conduct admissions.

“There is difference of opinion among the Chief Minister, the Education Minister and officials of the Union Human Resource Ministry. The officials say the random system means lottery system, but the Chief Minister says the point system is suitable for admission to nursery classes. It is worth mentioning that the point or category system allows the school management to adopt arbitrary ways and the Government is acting under pressure from the private school lobby,” he alleged.

Mr. Gupta, who shot into limelight when he took up several issues on behalf of parents as an office-bearer of the Delhi Abhibhavak Mahasangh, also claimed that at present about 12 lakh children are not getting education in Delhi. “Due to the failure of the Government to get the poor children admitted and the obstinate attitude of private schools even after the direction of the courts, poor children are not getting free education,” he charged.

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