“Not all allottees would receive the letters on the same day”

The Delhi Development Authority will start issuing demand-cum-allotment letters to successful allottees of over 16,000 flats in the 2010 DDA Housing Scheme from this July-end.

The agency said the allottees can expect to receive the demand-cum-allotment letters by post from the first week of August.

However, a DDA official warned that because of the large number of letters to be sent, not all allottees would receive the letters on the same day.

Though not many people surrendered their allotment during the verification/genuineness stage, the DDA is expecting more surrenders after the demand letter seeking payment of money is sent.

Cancellation charges of Rs.1,000 will be recovered from those who surrender their flats within 30 days of receiving the demand letter.

The cancellation charges will progressively rise with delay in surrendering the flat.

After 180 days, the allotment will be automatically cancelled and Janta/one-room tenement allottees would be docked Rs.35,000 while LIG/MIG/HIG allottees would be docked Rs.1 lakh from the money deposited by them on registering for the scheme.

Another draw will be held after six months of receiving the demand letter for waitlisted applicants.

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