Alleged international drug racketeer Dawood, whose two Afghan and an Indian conduit were arrested at Delhi airport on charges of smuggling in a consignment of heroin on board a flight this past week, purportedly runs a heroin manufacturing unit near Kandahar in Afghanistan.

During interrogation, Mohammad Masoom and Mohammad allegedly disclosed that they lived in Kandahar and worked for Dawood. According to them, Dawood has set up a processing unit near Kandahar.

The police suspect that the 15 kg heroin consignment intercepted at the airport was meant for supply to European countries through some African nationals engaged in the drug-trafficking business. During interrogation, the alleged Indian conduit, Raju Dawar, disclosed that he had been asked to hand over the consignment to an African.

Raju purportedly disclosed that he had received about half a dozen consignments sent by Dawood.

Investigations have indicated that the payment for the consignment was to be made to Dawood through hawala channels.

Through the passports of the alleged Afghan couriers the police found that they had been to India at least thrice on business visa. “It is surprising how they got a business visa,” said a police officer, adding that it was equally surprising that the duo managed to evade detection at both Kandahar and Delhi airports.

Though the police have arranged an interpreter, they have not been able to extract much information from them. They are now planning to get their custody extended for further interrogation and identification of the others involved in the racket.

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