Contrary to the police’s claim that Shubin, an 18-year-old boy who was stabbed to death at Madangir on Sunday, had a tiff with the group of men who later attacked him, his family said that he was just a passer-by who was attacked without any provocation.

“He did not know the two gangs who were at loggerheads . He was just standing outside his shop when the fracas between the two rival groups was on. Shubin was a studious boy who was looking forward to his engineering entrance exams and never had any issues with anyone,” said Shubhin’s elder brother Sreejesh.

The police had said that Shubin was with his friend Shekhar when the group came and attacked them but according to Sreejesh, Shekhar was not known to Shubin.

“Neither Shekhar nor anyone in those two groups were known to my brother who just happened to be there as he had gone to help out our father at his shop. They were all set to close the shop and leave when they saw the two groups clashing. In the melee when Shubin came out of the shop, he was attacked by a man,” Sreejesh told The Hindu.


Boy stabbed to death in South-East DelhiJune 18, 2013

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