An initiative to promote recycling of metal cans, can manufacturers and consumer goods brands in Delhi have joined together to celebrate Canvironment Week that concludes this coming Wednesday.

The initiative is led by Hindustan Tin Works Limited (HTWL) and has the support of MNCs.

As part of the effort 10 “can-banks” have been set up across Delhi and the National Capital Region where people can deposit metal cans. HTWL will sell the collected cans to scrap-dealers for recycling and the proceeds will be used to help the rag-picker community – an important link in the recycling of metal cans.

HTWL along with an NGO Chintan on Friday organised a free medical camp and distributed medical insurance policies to 200 rag-pickers at Nizamuddin, Ghazipur and Seemapuri on Friday.

HTWL senior vice-president Atit Bhatia said the company decided that conducting medical check-ups and providing health insurance coverage was an ideal way of helping the rag-picker community. Addressing the beneficiaries at Nizam Basti, Mr. Bhatia said that rag-pickers undertook a job which ensured clean surroundings for the rest of the society, but in the process put their own health at risk.

With the policy in hand, they can avail of a maximum annual coverage of Rs.30,000 and the one-time hospital admission limit of Rs.15,000 at nearby hospitals, he added. A painting contest for the children of rag-pickers was also held as part of the week-long celebration. HTWL will offer a sum of Rs.10,000 to the winners of the contest which will be utilized for their education expenses.

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