As the Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal's indefinite fast against “inflated” power bills entered the ninth day, around 1.27 lakh more people pledged their support to his “civil disobedience movement”. With this the total number of bijli-pani satyagrahis in Delhi had gone up to 638,707 till Saturday night.

The AAP has decided to deliver the protest letters, which are expected to cross the seven lakh mark by Sunday night, to Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit at her residence on Monday morning.

Commenting on the number of protest letters received, the AAP spokesperson said: “The price of electricity and water has increased manifold in the Capital due to corruption of Delhi Government and private distribution companies. As the number of Delhiites who have decided not to pay their bills swells by the day, the ball is in the court of the Chief Minister now. Would she listen to the voice of the people who have elected her to power or continue to support the discoms?”

The protest letters the people of Delhi have signed is written in Hindi. Loosely translated into English, it states: “Your government has made water and electricity so expensive in Delhi that it has become difficult for us to run our homes. I protest the rise in the power and water tariff, which have gone up due to corruption. On this issue, I am with the people of Delhi who are coming together like one. I am hopeful that as the Chief Minister of the people, instead of being seen with the power companies you will start assisting the people and reduce the power tariff by half.”

Mr. Kejriwal’s indefinite fast got a boost when anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare supported his movement and met him on Friday night. Mr. Hazare also categorically made it clear that he was with Mr. Kejriwal and will stand by him.

“Arvind is not fighting for himself. He is fighting for justice. He is fighting for a poor common man. People, especially those from media have been asking me. Let me tell this again. Our ways might be different but our destination is one. For society’s good and the country’s welfare whenever Arvind needs me, we will be together; we will stand by each other,” Mr. Hazare had said.

He had also appealed to Mr. Kejriwal to break his fast within “two or three days.” Meanwhile, despite increase in weakness, Mr. Kejriwal’s health parameters remained within normal range. His blood pressure on Sunday morning was 101/63, pulse 65 and sugar 121. He has lost seven kg of weight since his fast began. His current weight is 58 kgs and his ketone levels are also being monitored.

Party to deliver the letters to Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit at her residence today

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