Nine automatic traffic signals to be synchronised

City Traffic Police in association with city-based Analog and Digital Labs commenced work on synchronising nine traffic signals on Mettupalayam Road to bring in the Green Corridor concept on the lines of the recently-introduced concept on Avanashi Road.

Shyam Jude of Analog and Digital Labs said that preliminary consultations and assessment of traffic pattern and density were over as advised by City Police Commissioner A.K. Viswanathan and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime and Traffic) T. Senthilkumar.

Green Corridor system with synchronised signals introduced on Avanashi Road worked well initially enabling a motorist travelling at 45 kmph speed either from Uppilipalayam signal to Airport Junction or vice-versa to complete the stretch in a maximum of 20 to 22 minutes as against the 45 minutes time taken earlier.

A motorist getting a green signal at one of the junctions would be able to proceed non-stop at other signals, provided he or she maintained a speed limit of 45 kmph.

Even if the motorist could not maintain the speed limit and got a red signal at one of the signals, he or she should be able to get into the green corridor mode from subsequent signals.

The green corridor concept covered the 11.5 km stretch with 13 signals. Police convinced the people on the need for bringing in new signals to regulate the flow of traffic.

However, the system faced too many hitches because of the frequent power cuts and the police have begun an effort to equip these signals with either solar power or with UPS.

These efforts are likely to strengthen the emergency corridor concept on the same stretch.

Now, the concept is being extended to Mettupalayam Road, which is approximately 9-km-long with 11 signals.

With the road widening and strengthening works having been completed, police have commenced work for installation of new signals and synchronising the same.

New signals are coming up at the junction near the Housing Unit, Kavundampalayam Junction, GN Mills and Thudiyalur.

The works are expected to be over in the first week of November and after a trial run, it is likely to be thrown open.

A motorist travelling from Flower Market/ Kamarajarapuram Junction will pass through the signals at Periasamy Road Junction, Chinthamani Junction, Avanashilingam College Junction, NSR Road – Sai Baba Colony Junction, Sai Baba Temple, Housing Unit – Kannappa Nagar Junction, Kavundampalayam Junction, GN Mills Junction and Thudiyalur Junction and vice-versa and will get green signal, provided he or she maintained a speed limit of 45 kmph.

On completion of the installation of new traffic signals and synchronisation, the police will have a trial run to identify the hitches in terms of road intersections, pedestrian movement, slow-moving vehicles, spots with U-turn facility and would address them before launching the facility in the next 30 to 45 days, Mr. Jude said.

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