Six water bodies surveyed; 37 species spotted in Nanjarayan tank

The waterbird census conducted for the current migratory season has revealed that the number of ‘migratory waterbird species’ that came to six prominent water bodies in Tirupur and suburbs remains almost the same vis-à-vis last season but the flock size is smaller.

The Census, which concluded on Tuesday, was conducted by the bird watchers from Nature Society of Tirupur for the Bombay Natural History Trust, Wetlands International and Indian Bird Conservation Network to identify the status of the waterbirds and wetlands for the migratory season in this region that spans over December and January.

The waterbirds are the ones that frequent water and wade/ swim in the water.

K. Ravindran, a prominent bird watcher and secretary of Nature Society of Tirupur, told The Hindu that among the six water bodies which were surveyed, the largest number of species, totalling 37, was spotted in the habitat of Nanjarayan tank situated in Tirupur city.

“These 37 waterbird species include the ones that came from different continents as well as from other parts of India to this region for seasonal spells,” he said.

According to the data compiled, 32 species have been traced at Orathupalayam Dam area, 28 at Semmandampalayam tank, 15 at Kathanganni irrigation tank, 16 at Samalapuram tank and two at Aandiapalayam irrigation tank. On the decrease in the flock size, Mr. Ravindran said that it could be due to global weather changes and some other factors which need to be studied further. The most prominent species that were traced during the Census include Northern Pintail, Garganey, Bar Headed Goose, Common Teal and Northern Shoveler, said the Nature Society of Tirupur volunteers.

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