Fifteen days into June, the wait for good news from Siruvani continues as the water level in the dam is still below the dead storage level.

According to sources, in the last 15 days the water level in the Siruvani Dam has increased only by 4.29 feet and has not brought any relief to the Coimbatore Corporation. As of June 15, the water level in the dam stood at 7.87 feet below the dead storage level.

The Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board has stopped pumping water from the dam bed.

The water the Board supplies to the city is the water that overflows from a check dam weir into the supply tunnel. On Saturday, the city received around 32 million litres a day.

With the Indian Meteorological Department saying that the South-West Monsoon will bring in good rainfall, the Board and the Corporation officials are hoping that the water level goes past the dead storage level at the earliest.

The sources say that the Corporation supplies the 32 mld to only eight of the 100 wards in the city and that proves to be sufficient enough. For the other Siruvani-fed areas, the Corporation supplies Pilloor water as it has interlinked the two pipelines at various points in the city.

The wards that are dependent on Siruvani are 14, 15, 20, 21, 76, 77, 78 and 79. Sources in the wards say that the water supply in the past week has improved as against supply in the previous month. From supply once in 10 days it has now come to supply once in six or seven days.

Officials assure that in the coming days the situation will improve and the civic body will be able to increase Siruvani supply.


Water level in Siruvani improves July 7, 2013

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