Says Modi during live telecast

Bharatiya Janata Party Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said that during his visit to Tamil Nadu for election campaign he was able to see a pro-National Democratic Alliance wave in the State.

Speaking on Sunday from Gujarat, which was screened live using 3D technology to 100-plus centres including Coimbatore, he said that under the alternating rule of the Dravidian parties, the State had suffered. The people wanted a viable alternative and that was there in the NDA.

The same was true of Uttar Pradesh as well, where the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party had ruined the State.

Vote decisively

It was time the voters voted decisively in favour of the BJP and its allies so that the NDA won 300-plus seats in the 2014 Parliamentary elections to positively change the fate of the country.

Trying to drive home the point that he was more qualified than his opponents, Mr. Modi said that soon after the Bhuj earthquake in January 2001, he went there in October and within three years had changed the fate and the hope of the people, though there was much negativity around. He had a track record.

His opponents, however, were running away from examination.

After ruling the country for the past 10 years, many leaders were scared of facing the electorate. Those in the fray had lost their smiles.

They were sweating profusely and feared defeat. This was more visible in Amethi, where Rahul Gandhi contested.

Basic amenities

If the NDA was voted to power, he would ensure that there were no thatched roofed houses, every house had toilet, power and other basic amenities. This very promise was in the Congress manifesto in 2001 but they had not fulfilled it.

This was something similar to their oft-repeated, election-eve slogans on bringing economic benefit for the poor, he said.