A group of bird watchers from Environment Conservation Group (ECG), who were on a birding trip in Kovaipudur on Sunday, found snares laid close to a waterhole to trap wild animals near the reserve forest area there.

R. Mohammed Saleem of ECG said that he accidentally fell near a waterhole and found a snare, meant to trap small animals and birds that came there to quench thirst.

The group detected two more big snares. The three snares combined could easily trap several animals, he said.

On information, District Forest Officer, Coimbatore, V. Tirunavukarasu, rushed a team led by a Range Officer. The snares were then pulled out and handed over to the Forest Department by ECG members Mohan and Lakshminarayanan, Mr.Saleem added.

Poachers took advantage of water scarcity in the forest area and laid such snares to trap the animals that came closer to human habitations in search of water. People should know that selling, buying and even setting up snares was an offence under Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972. People who came across such activities should inform the Forest Department officials. Hunting, trapping or capture of any wild animal was punishable, with a fine of Rs. 25,000 and up to five years imprisonment, he added.

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