For the second day on Monday, shop keepers in and around Government Law College and foot hills of Marudhamalai downed their shutters seeking action against the college students for the violence on Saturday.

Closure of shops and switching off of lights have caused untold hardship to devotees visiting the temple.On Saturday, a section of law college students had picked up a quarrel with a shop keeper. The students reportedly damaged the shops including television sets.

In retaliation, the shop keepers reportedly attacked a group of law college students. Shop keepers and residents convened a meeting on Sunday and resolved not to supply food to law college students and entertain them in their shops.

They opposed the police action of registering a case against ten shop keepers and arresting them. The police said that cases have been registered against six students.

It was decided to ask house owners to vacate law college students from houses expressing displeasure over their violent behaviour. A section of law college students has asked the management to take action against senior students since their behaviour was affecting the entire student community.

The college management is said to have placed six students under suspension.

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