Each school will be given a grant of Rs. 50,000

The Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA), a Centrally-sponsored scheme, recently allotted a sum of Rs. 28.38 crore for upgrading 5,677 Government schools in all 32 districts of Tamil Nadu. Of these, Coimbatore has as many as 179 schools and Rs. 89.50 lakh has been allotted for the district.

Official sources told The Hindu here on Monday that each school would be given a grant of Rs. 50,000 for carrying out development works which would be monitored by the School Management Development Committees, which will have representatives from parents and NGOs as well besides teachers.

The funds would be used to purchase laboratory equipment and materials for Classes IX and X and other educational materials such as reference books advocated by the Government.

The funds could also be utilised to purchase newspapers and magazines and other books for the schools. The schools could also use the funds to pay the bills for their internet connection as well as electricity and telephone bills.

Officials here said that the funds were being used in Coimbatore for constructing 15 additional classrooms and eight science laboratories. The works had already commenced in some of the schools. The building works were being taken up by the Public Works Department.

Officials said that the funds were being given for the past four years to strengthen the Government schools and attract more students in the coming years.

With 351 schools, Villupuram had the highest number of schools benefitting from this initiative with the district getting Rs. 1.75 crore.

Among the western districts, Salem was allotted Rs. 1.28 crore to upgrade 256 schools, The Nilgiris Rs. 43.50 lakh for 87 schools, Dharmapuri Rs. 1.01 crore for 203 schools, and Tirupur Rs. 71.50 lakh for 143 schools.

The RMSA is a Central Government project launched in March 2009 to enhance access to secondary education and improve quality of education.