This is the second incident involving wild elephants in the region in the last 72 hours

One person was trampled to death and another sustained injuries when they were attacked by a herd of two elephants and a calf near Melmudi tribal settlement near Veerapandipudur, in Chinna Thadagam area of Thudialur police limits on Tuesday.

Oosi (50) and Pambaan (59) were on their way to Veerapandipudur from their melmudi tribal settlement in the morning, when they encountered the two elephants and the calf. As the elephants attacked them, Oosi was trampled to death on the spot, while Pambaan escaped with injuries. He was rushed to the Coimbatore Medical College hospital.

This is the second incident in the same region within the last 72 hours.

On Sunday, Palanisamy was trampled to death by an elephant in the closeby Periya Thadagam area.

In another incident on Monday, Dinesh (25) of Madathur had a miraculous escape from being trampled to death by an elephant. However, in his run for life, he fell down and sustained injuries.

Watchers employed

The Forest Department has deployed anti-poaching and anti-depredation squad-watchers in the area to monitor the movement of the herd and to chase them back into the forest in the event of an attempt to stray into human habitations.

The foothills of Western Ghats had been witnessing a steep increase in the movement of elephants, especially in search of water and fodder following a dry spell during the North East monsoon.

In addition, this being the migratory season for elephants, they find obstructions in the corridor hindering their movement and, therefore,they end up entering human habitations.

On Monday, an elephant was almost about to enter the IOB Colony in Vadavalli. On Monday, a group of four persons who strayed into forest areas in Pachapalayam were chased by a herd and they had to climb onto a concrete structure, that served the purpose of watchtower, and had to stay there for several hours, as the herd remained ferocious throughout.

With elephants causing deaths in Thadagam area and Madukkarai frequently, the Forest Department is toying with the idea of deploying its two kumkis, namely Nanjan and Pari, at the chadivayal camp to ensure instant reaction to visits from wild elephants.


Elephants enter residential areaMarch 18, 2013