A group of young nature conservationists belonging to CARE (Concern, Awareness and Responsibility for the Environment), an environment organisation, came all the way from Chennai to Kangayam recently with a purpose.

They wanted to learn about the pure Kangayam breed of cattle and its breeding techniques directly from the Kangayam tract.

The group paid a three-day visit to the Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation, the only such organisation involved in the ‘in-situ conservation and breeding’ of genetically pure Kangayam cattle breed for the last six decades.

During the course of the visit, they also explored the ‘Korangadu,’ the typical grazing area containing 29 types of shrubs and trees essential for the growth of Kangayam cattle.

“It is heartening to see young people coming here for the first time understanding the need to conserve Kangayam cattle, which is now facing extinction,” K.S.M. Karthikeya, managing trustee of Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation, told The Hindu.

The direct interactions with breeders of Kangayam cattle, who have been trained at the Senaapathy Foundation over the last few years, also enriched the visiting team.

The CARE team leader Aarthi Sureshkumar said that the members would be sharing the knowledge obtained from the tour with people at the panchayat levels in other parts of the state so as to popularize the importance of Kangayam cattle.

Mr. Karthikeya pointed out that apart from its ability to pull heavy loads, even the milk and dung of Kangayam cattle had distinct properties.

“Milk has no ‘bad fat’,” he said.

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