Focus will be on public places where people congregate

City Police have stepped up efforts to bring more areas in the city under the vigil of the electronic eye.

The city already has electronic eye surveillance on Cross Cut Road and Oppanakkara Street as part of their crime prevention and law and order maintenance exercise.

In addition, there are a number of cameras installed at traffic signals as part of the Aerial Traffic Control System (ATCS).

Now, the focus is on places of public congregation to prevent incidents of crime. The Cross Cut Road electronic eye surveillance system has proved to be successful with eight fixed cameras and one speed dome camera hooked to the police outpost on the same road.

Police personnel keep monitoring the footages generated by these cameras. On Oppanakkara Street, there are 10 fixed and two speed dome cameras.


Now, on the directions of the City Police Commissioner A.K. Viswanathan and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime and Traffic), T. Senthil Kumar, Analog and Digital Labs are extending the electronic surveillance system to 100 Feet Road, Dr.Nanjappa Road and VOC Park area as well, according to Jude, CEO of Analog and Digital Labs Private Limited.

As far as the newer areas are concerned, the objective of the police and the private firm is to install these cameras and hook them onto the police outposts in the area.

Footage from the Dr.Nanjappa Road will be taken to the police outpost at the bus stand and the footage from 100 Feet Road cameras will be hooked to the police outpost on the Seventh Street Junction.

A new outpost will come up at VOC Park area and the cameras in VOC park area will be hooked to this outpost. VOC Park was chosen in the first phase because of the heavy congregation of people during weekends, Mr.Jude said.

Post Deepavali season, steps would be taken to get the feeds hooked onto the modern police control room directly.


The project initiated now will be on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) method.

There would be public address systems in these new areas to interact with the public to regulate the flow of traffic, crowd and also alert people in the event of a crime.

The 100 Feet Road section will have three speed dome cameras before the Deepavali season begins, two speed dome cameras would maintain vigil for the entire Dr.Nanjappa Road and three cameras will maintain vigil at VOC Park.

The total cost of the project will be Rs. 40 lakh. In future, the effort would be to bring NSR Road, DB Road and Brooke Bond Road under the vigil of the electronic eye.

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