City Police have joined hands with the Coimbatore Corporation for modification of traffic islands to technical specifications and convenience of motorists.

City Police Commissioner C. Sylendra Babu and Corporation Commissioner Anshul Mishra took up an inspection of problematic stretches and traffic junctions in the city.

Talking to The Hindu, Mr.Sylendra Babu said that the objective of joint inspections was to study the traffic flow at the traffic islands and bring about improvements in them with the guidance and expertise of traffic experts.

Once modified, the traffic islands would be motorist-friendly, ensuring free flow of traffic, enhancing visibility to reduce accidents and also have an aesthetic appearance on the roads with greenery.

The Sungam traffic island was first inspected and there were discussions on how to make it motorist-friendly.

The traffic islands that required modifications had been listed.


Next inspection was the upcoming Mettuppalayam bus station, wherein discussions were going on regarding the present traffic pattern and the changes that would come about after dedicating the bus station.

A modern control room with speed dome cameras was also being planned there.

Similarly, the Commissioners of City Police and civic body discussed the need for acquiring a small stretch of land on the extreme road boundary along the existing bus stops so that it could be used for constructing bus bays thereby relocating the existing bus stops.

Once buses were moved into bus bays, passengers waiting to board and those alighting from buses would be safe and road space could be made available for free flow of traffic.

Similarly changes on the traffic pattern on 100 Feet Road were also discussed.

Mr. Mishra who was accompanied by a team of engineers had asked them to work on the plans and prepare a plan of action at the earliest possible.

Authorities said that changes that never required any policy decision or major financial allocations would be carried out immediately while the rest would be taken up with the Government.

Mr. Mishra said that the basic objective of the inspection was to identify problems relating to traffic issues that concerned both the police as well as the Coimbatore Corporation so as to ensure better co-ordination between the two agencies.

Modifications to traffic island design would ensure free flow of traffic and reduce accidents while pavements would remove pedestrian hindrance in traffic flow.

End of May

These works would be completed soon, probably by the end of May, well ahead of the Tamil conference in June.

The other works would also be carried out on a war footing to have them completed as early as possible, it was pointed out.

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