Coimbatore City Police have arrested Senthil, 38, of Marudhamalai Road, on Sunday on charges of threatening education institutions in the city by sending bomb hoax e-mails.

IP address

The police said that they traced the internet protocol (IP) address of the place from where the mails were despatched to a browsing centre on East Sambandam Road, R.S. Puram, and from there collected the address of the suspect.

The police said that Senthil was the son of a retired employee of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and resided at the quarters there. He had sent the mails in the name of a woman with whom he was in love. The woman and Senthil had worked together in a software firm in R.S. Puram.

He had reportedly told the police that he did so to bring disrepute to the woman so as to revenge her ignoring him.

The police said that Senthil had mailed the Government College of Technology, Avinashilingam University and a few other private institutions that bombs had been planed in their campuses and that it would explode soon.

The managements informed the City Police Commissioner A.K. Viswanathan, who sent bomb squads to defuse the explosives. After learning that it was a hoax e-mail, the Commissioner asked senior officials to nab the accused.

The police also said that the Kottur police in Chennai had earlier arrested Senthil on charges of sending a similar mail to the government stating that bombs had been planed at the Secretariat.

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