Emergency Corridor to be launched on Avanashi Road

Vigil by an electronic eye, an Interrupt Driven Camera is becoming part of the Aerial Traffic Control System (ATCS) at Lakshmi Mill Junction on Avanashi Road. The camera will automatically look for violators and capture the image of the vehicle with the number plate and transmit the same to the control room for automatic generation of challan for violation of traffic signal.

City Police Commissioner A.K. Viswanathan and Deputy Transport Commissioner (Crime and Traffic) T. Senthilkumar are on the job of modernising ATCS for monitoring traffic flow and road rule violations. Of the 47 signals in the city, many are equipped with cameras that are hooked to the CCTV at the control room, where the personnel look for violating vehicles and generate a challan. Of the 148 cameras, close to 120 are on the job of looking for road rule violations and to keep the control room updated on the traffic flow pattern across the city and enable the officials to respond in the event of a traffic snarl. The rest are for law and order maintenance purposes.

The ATCS has been generating challans which are being delivered to the violators at their door step. Absence of a constable on the road is no guarantee that an offence or a violation was going unnoticed as the cameras were capturing the violations, Mr. Senthilkumar said.

At present, the cameras are fixed for every road at a junction and the personnel at the control room would have to keep looking at the images generated by the cameras and look for violations. Whereas the Interrupt Driven Camera will automatically turn towards the roads with a red signal and capture the images lane by lane and transmit the same to the control room. It would then shift its focus to the next road.

This not only shifts roads and captures images of the road lane by lane but also sends the pictures of the violating vehicles and reduces the work load at the control room.

The work is being executed by Analog and Digital Labs, pointed out its promoter Shyam Jude. The next step of modernising the traffic management in city is to very soon launch the Emergency Corridor for ambulance and fire tenders on the Avanashi Road where the Green Corridor for all vehicles was launched on August 1.

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