Officials from the Coimbatore Airport, Revenue Department and Coimbatore Corporation will undertake a joint inspection to study what could be done to a natural drain that flows through the airport. According to senior officials, during discussions on the airport environment meet, held a couple of days ago, the airport authorities reportedly wanted the drain closed as the sewage flowing therein attracted birds and that led to disruption in air services.

The officials said that it seemed to be a natural drain that could not be closed. It could not be even diverted, as suggested at the meeting.

To explore what could be done to the drain – clean or close with slabs and divert, as suggested – officials from various departments would conduct an inspection.

At the airport environment meet, it was also decided that the Coimbatore Corporation would conduct a mass cleaning operation at a vacant site near the airport compound that at present served as a dump yard for the residents of the area.

The third of the issue that was discussed the meeting was stray dog menace, to which the Corporation had promised to catch and operate upon the dogs.

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