Majority of headgears sold do not comply with ISI standards

With the city police set to begin helmet enforcement drive from Friday, street vendors from other States like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have started occupying the pavements and sides of arterial roads here offering lower priced headgears.

Though majority of the headgears sold along the pavements or at the unauthorised outlets did not comply with the ISI specifications, customers are preferring the same mostly because of the factors such as low cost vis-a-vis a ‘genuine branded’ variety and lack of awareness about the compromises made by using sub-standard products.

Some of the helmets sold are no more than ones resembling the headgears worn in industrial units.

But the buyers are little bothered about the specifications or about the fake ISI marks pasted because the police usually check only whether a rider wears a helmet and not the quality of the gear.

Most of the street vendors have come with helmets of fancy designs, which are available from Rs. 150 a piece.

“We move to places wherever the authorities announce helmet enforcement drives, once the information comes through media, and make most out of such opportunities,” K. Munnammal, who came all the way from Karimnagar district in the north-western part of Andhra Pradesh, said.

Quality helmet

According to Bureau of Indian Standards specifications, the helmet should have a shell with a protective padding made of polystyrene or other materials of similar properties as well as comfort padding made of polyurethane foam below it.

The retention system should include a chin strap to hold the helmet intact and visor should confine to the IS 9973 standards.

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