Parents of children studying in a private school on Big Bazaar Street staged a protest near the school on Saturday complaining that the management charges fees in excess of the fee determination committee’s recommendation.

Trimester fees

The school had reportedly asked for the trimester fees. The sources said that the parents said that never in the past the school management had asked for trimester fees. The demand for fees came in as a rude shock, they said and threatened to take up the issue with the fee committee. They later gave up the protest following assurances from the management that it was giving up the demand for the fees.

Case against finance firm

Coimbatore City Police and their rural counterparts have said that they were yet to receive the court order directing them to seal the premises of Fine Future Marketing and initiate other actions like freezing the bank accounts of the promoters. According to Superintendent of Police E.S. Uma, the police were yet to receive the order and once they received the same, they would act on it. Similarly, officers in the City Crime Branch also said that they were awaiting the orders.

The case involving the company was that having accepted deposits, the promoters failed to repay the investors.

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