It will also be established in select districts of Tamil Nadu

The Coimbatore Chapter of Environmental Protection Movement (EPM) was launched recently at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

Launching the chapter, K. Shiva Shankar, Founder President of Environment Protection Institute, Bangalore, had to have the right mindset about saving the environment.

“The EPM started here will have three important roles, such as planting of two trees per person, member or volunteer will visit schools to make students aware about environmental conservation, and make efforts to organise events by children,” he said.

Campaign programmes

EPM would be established in select districts of Tamil Nadu, after which All-India campaign programmes involving paper and poster presentations in 2013, and review meeting in 2015, would be held.

“Increase in temperature and sea level increases are the reasons behind climate change and global warming. In India, the Agricultural Institutes are responsible for focussing on food production and stabilising the balance between food grain production and the increase in population,” Mr. Shankar said.

K. Kalidasan, President of OSAI, said the launch of the EPM was a good move in making students aware of environment conservation. It was essential to make the next generation aware about increasing pollution due to land use changes and its impact in the near future.

Releasing a book “Status, Progress and Achievements of Land-based Productive Systems of Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka”, K. Ramasamy, Vice-Chancellor of TNAU, urged scientists to ensure that new technologies reached farmers.

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