In an effort to create more link and scheme roads, to decongest the arterial roads in Coimbatore City before the World Classical Tamil Conference in June, the Corporation officials have embarked on a mission to restore a road that vanished due to rampant encroachment over a period of time.

The authorities are also planning to acquire a small portion of the land from a private charitable and educational trust so that the restored road from 100 ft road via Pappanaickenpalayam Electric Crematorium could be connected with the road branching off from Avanashi Road at Nava India.

Once the road is restored, traffic via Lakshmi Mills Junction, Bharathiar Road and Gandhipuram could melt considerably.

Once the road is restored, vehicles could flow directly from Nava India avoiding the already listed congested stretches.

Officials said that the existing Chinnasamy Road, both the West and East, had been encroached upon as parking space by heavy vehicles and concrete mixing machines. This stretch alone is of 100 ft width.

Already, the Chinnasamy Road east has been cleared of encroachments and authorities are planning to clean up the West Chinnasamy Road stretch as well.

Demolition squad

On Tuesday, the Town Planning authorities and demolition squad of the Coimbatore Corporation cleared a 500 mt stretch that was occupied by workshop, car sheds, tea stall and thorny bushes.

Sanganur canal

Now, the authorities are planning to build a small bridge across the Sanganur canal so that the Chinnasamy Road stretch could be connected to the Avarampalayam Road and by the time the authorities are confident of getting the compensation for the private charitable trust and take over the small portion of land.

Thereafter it would be a 60 ft road connecting the traffic from 100 ft road junction with Nava India straight.

Similarly, official machinery is also keen on establishing another link road connecting Avanashi Road with Tiruchi Road and this road is likely to branch off from Avanashi Road at Tirupur textiles Junction.

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