Toilets to be installed at Eachanari temple, Ukkadam Bus Stand and near SITRA Junction

As part of the scheme to provide public convenience facility to the city’s residents, the Coimbatore Corporation plans to install and not construct 16 more toilets.

According to sources, the civic body will install and not construct the toilets because they are made of polyurethane sheets and are prefabricated.

The Corporation will have to buy and install them at the chosen location.

Of the 16 toilets, the Corporation will buy three immediately and install them near the Eachanari temple, Ukkadam Bus Stand and near the SITRA Junction on Avinashi Road.

It will install the remaining 13 as and when the manufacturer delivers them. And the locations they will be installed will be known later.

The sources say that the Corporation decided to go in for such toilets because the cost of construction is lower compared to those constructed using brick and cement, are easy to maintain, cannot be damaged or defaced and are user friendly.

The Coimbatore Corporation officials learnt about the toilets being used by the Tambaram Municipality, their efficiency and decided to have the same in the city.

The sources say that the toilets come with LED lights that are solar powered, physically challenged-friendly features, dust bin and all that are required for public convenience. In short, they will be environment friendly.

The 16 toilets are part of the 31 the State Government ordered the Corporation to construct across the city to bring down open defecation.

The sources say that the toilets will cost between Rs. 8 — 14 lakh depending on the size and facilities available.

Recently, the Coimbatore Corporation initiated measures to improve hygiene in the public convenience facilities across the city.

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