City Police Commissioner C. Sylendra Babu on Thursday awarded green belts to police personnel attached to the City Police Commando – Anti Terrorism Squad members on completion of a three-month-long training in self defence in unarmed combat.

Training was imparted by Head Constable Mohan from Chennai City Police who is the Chief Instructor. Mr.Sylendra Babu presented the personnel with “Tong Fa”, self defence equipment to the personnel. Dr.Babu told The Hindu that police personnel working in urban ambience should be experts in dealing with unarmed combats especially when petty law breakers are equipped with knife and other lethal weapons. The personnel have already been trained in dealing with room intervention, vehicle intervention techniques and shooting. The personnel are also equipped in combating terrorists equipped with fire arms and explosives. The personnel gave a demonstration of the skill. The personnel would be trained till the ultimate stage of getting a black belt to be fully equipped members of the Anti-Terrorism Squad.

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