The first, second, and third year students of C.S.I. Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Science here were a disappointed lot on Wednesday.

None of them received the examination results published by Bharathiar University.

Worried students and parents were seen on the campus of the college seeking explanations that they eventually did not get.

Some students were in tears. A few persevering parents found out that the college had failed to send some details and the university had withheld the results because of that.

When contacted, K. Balachandran, Controller of Examinations (in-charge), Bharathiar University, said the college had failed to send the internal assessment marks of the students to the office of the Controller before the conduct of the main examination.

“Usually, the colleges send in the internal assessment marks of the students in a special Excel format in a compact disc.

“But, the said college did not do so till two days before the publication of results.

“After many reminders, they sent a CD that did not conform to the stipulated format. Hence, we were not able to decode it.

“So we asked for a hard copy of the marks and our staff are physically keying them in. It is a very arduous process and will take time,” Mr. Balachandran said.

“All the colleges know that the CD has to reach us at the correct time. However, this college has not been sending the CD but only a hard copy for the past four years. We have been physically keying in the data,” he added.

When this correspondent spoke to the college principal Mrinalini R. David, she not only expressed unhappiness over harried parents turning to the press, but also blamed the university for the delay in publication of the results.

“The university has stopped the publication of the results because they were not sure about some internal assessment marks.

“They asked for clarification only at the last moment. If they had asked us earlier we would have provided the same,” Ms. David said.

Nevertheless, the Controller has said that students need not be worried and the results would be published once the keying in work was over. The university planned to publish the results of the third year students at the earliest, followed by that of the second and first year students.

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