Monday’s was the seventh urgent meeting Mr. Velusamy had conducted in the last 12 months.

On Monday, Mayor S.M. Velusamy conducted the Coimbatore Corporation’s last Council meeting for 2013. It was an urgent meeting with 45 subjects for the consideration of the council. A few of those subjects were given during the conduct of the meeting.

The subjects that came up for discussion included seeking the State Government’s approval for the construction of a new Council Hall, issues concerning rent revision, and levying fine on plastics manufacturers producing bags less than 40-micron.

Monday’s was the seventh urgent meeting Mr. Velusamy had conducted in the last 12 months, a few ruling party Councillors said and added on all those occasions the Mayor had prevented them from raising general issues that concerning their Ward. For, the norms is that at urgent meetings the Councillors are prevented from raising issues other than those placed for discussion.

In contrast, in ordinary meeting the Councillors are free to raise issues that concerned not only their Wards but also those that are in the larger interest of the city and its residents.


The Councillors, most of whom were from the ruling All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, said that the very reason that Mr. Velusamy decided against ordinary council meetings was to prevent them from voicing their opinions and talking about issues that concerned their Wards and the city.

Even on issues relating to the subjects tabled, Mr. Velusamy did not let them speak beyond a sentence or two. This behaviour of his stood in contrast to the way he treated the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam Councillors by letting them speak, the Councillors said and referred to the opportunity he gave to Meena Loganathan, A. Nandhakumar, and S.M. Samy.

The Councillors said the Mayor conducting urgent meetings was the very gist of the complaint of a few of their colleagues, who went to Chennai to meet the Chief Minister in this regard.

Mr. Samy said that the Mayor conducting urgent meetings was gross misuse of power as he was interested in preventing people from discussing anything substantial. The administration was giving the subjects of discussion to Councillors 24 hours prior to the conduct of the meeting was proof enough.

Earlier, the corporation conducted the budget session for two days — by presenting the budget on day one and allowing debate on the second.

He added that the Mayor had never called for an all-party meeting and wanted others to hear what he said.

An AIADMK Councillor said that people were the ultimate losers as the Councillors were unable to discuss in detail any of the real issues that concerned the people.

When contacted Mr. Velusamy said that he would get back as he was in a meeting with a Minister.

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