Wards in Vadavalli, Veerakeralam to benefit

The Coimbatore Corporation will partially fund the Rs. 42-crore drinking water supply augmentation scheme it has proposed for the Wards in Kavundampalayam, Vadavalli and Veerakeralam.

Sources in the civic body said that it would spend Rs. 10 crore and go in for a loan of Rs. 20 crore from the State Government. The rest was a grant from the Government.

The Corporation would implement the scheme soon after obtaining administrative sanction from the Government.

The objective of the scheme was to improve the water supply to the residents of the aforementioned three areas as the rapid expansion in area and increase in population had led to a situation that the pipelines there were not good enough to carry the required water.

The sources said that so fast had been the growth there that what was projected to be the population in 2021 in the intermediate stage of the project period had turned out to be the population in 2013.

This had made service reservoirs and pipelines inadequate to carry the required quantity of water.

Besides, the residents of the areas were supposed to get 135 litres per capita a day (lpcd) by virtue of being residents of the Corporation. Earlier, they were getting around 70 lpcd. Keeping those facts in mind, the Corporation had proposed to utilise the Rs. 42-crore to replace the existing pipelines and build more reservoirs.

It had planned to lay new pipelines for over 150 km in Kavundamaplayam, over 120 km in Vadavalli and nearly 80 km in Veerakeralam. Likewise, the Corporation would build over 10 reservoirs with a total capacity of over 350 lakh litres.

The new project would keep in mind the requirements of the population in 2046 taking the population in 2016 as the basis.

As and when completed, the Corporation would also be able to extend the 24x7 drinking water supply scheme to the aforementioned areas.

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