Unauthorised structures coming up on an apartment premises in the city, after these were demolished earlier by the Coimbatore Corporation, were pulled down again by its demolition squad on Monday.

There were two instances of violation on the apartment premises on West Ponnurangam Road at R.S. Puram.

First, unauthorised structures were being built on the parking space earmarked in the building plan approved by the Corporation. Second, a totally unapproved three-storey apartment was also being built on whatever open space was left. In the process, it encroached upon the mandatory setback space.

Both violations were detected four months ago and the structures demolished immediately. But, these were being built again.

Corporation Commissioner Anshul Mishra made it clear that the civic body was upset at the way its authority and the rules were challenged by persons constructing these structures, despite the action taken four months ago.

“We will not keep quiet as this is a serious issue. We will take severe action because no regard has been shown for rules,” he said. An official in the squad said that during the action taken earlier, the owners of the building were told of the violations.

Four months later, the totally unauthorised building had been constructed up to the first floor and pillars had been raised for the second floor. The aim was to build a three-storey apartment by encroaching upon the setback space also. Besides, the parking lot in the old building was again turning into a flat.

“There will be periodical inspection of buildings under construction across the city, to know whether these conformed to the building rules,” the Commissioner said. The setback space should be provided.

Even as the Corporation officials carried out this task, the public too could inform the Corporation of such violations. “But, the information should be in public interest and not personal enmity,” he said.

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