The rally, which started from Tirunelveli a few days ago, covered villages and towns en route before reaching the Tirupur knitwear cluster.

A vehicle rally carried out by ‘Campaign Against Sumangali Scheme,’ an apolitical movement, to educate people against the scheme which puts the rights and social security of young women at risk, concluded in Tirupur on Thursday evening.

The crusade, which started from Tirunelveli some days back, covered villages and towns en route before culminating in Tirupur knitwear cluster.

A. Alosyious, convener of the campaign, said that the scheme practices giving a lump sum to the young women workers for ‘helping’ them getting married, at the end of a three-year contract.

“Under this pretext, workers are being exploited and eventually not even been paid,” he added.

He reiterated the need for unification of different stakeholders in the fight against the Sumangali scheme by creating greater awareness on its ill-effects among the economically backward people who normally fall prey to it.

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