Panchayat approval is as good as unapproved

Coimbatore Local Planning Authority has appealed to the public to purchase plots only in layouts that have proper plan and technical approvals from the Directorate of Town and Country Planning.

According to an official release, layouts that do not have proper approvals or have only the panchayat approval will be considered as unapproved layouts.

Such layouts can be removed in the future to take up development works in the area.

Those who buy plots should verify if the layout had all the required approvals. They should not purchase reserved areas in a layout.

Secretary of Coimbatore Consumer Cause, K. Kathirmathiyon, said people should be cautious while purchasing land.

There were several sites coming up for sale in the fringe areas of the city. People were buying these plots and registering it.

In 2005, the authority took action on such unapproved layouts based on advertisements too.

Similar action should be taken by the authority now. Land buyers should go in only for sites that had Directorate of Town and Country Planning approval or were regularised through the special scheme that the Government offered earlier, he said.