The supply of drinking water to Kavundampalayam Municipality and Vadavalli Town Panchayat under the Bhavani Scheme is being streamlined, sources in both the local bodies said.

More than a month after supply was inaugurated by Deputy Chief Minister M.K. Stalin on June 15, the situation had improved only marginally in the municipality and the town panchayat continued to reel under erratic supply.

Kavundampalayam Municipal Chairman K.M. Sundaram said some pipelines had to be linked in order to enable total supply. “We have to cover three more wards. In many areas we are already supplying water once in four days. In some others, we supply once a week,” he said.

The scheme had pulled the municipality out of severe scarcity.

The supply position had improved from a frustrating once-a-fortnight schedule.

“There are some problems with the tanks also and these are holding back full supply,” he said. Under the Bhavani Scheme, seven new tanks had been constructed. Along with these, four existing ones constructed under the Siruvani scheme were to be used for storing Bhavani water.

“But, the old tanks had a capacity of only 1.6 lakh litres. Under the new scheme, we need tanks with capacities of three lakh litres to four lakh litres. Besides, three of the four old tanks are worn out. Only one is in a usable condition, but its capacity is inadequate,” he said.

However, with the loose ends being tied up now, there was hope of total supply from August 15.

In Vadavalli, the entire supply continued under the Siruvani scheme as the one under the Bhavani scheme was still being tested.

According to the sources, the leaks sprang at the pipeline joints. Therefore, the supply pressure was still under test.

The situation in the town panchayat was not as comfortable as in the municipality. Vadavalli residents were getting water only once in 10 days.

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