They want repair works to be carried out at the earliest

Finding a road or a semblance thereof in Rose Garden, near Ukkadam, is difficult. No road exists there. What substitutes for a road is an undulating long stretch with houses on both sides and an open drain on one side.

A.R. Basheer Ahamed, president, Rose Garden House Owners' Association, complained that the Rose Garden First Street and the Second Street are in a very bad shape since March 2010, when the Corporation undertook the underground drainage work.

The dug earth was lying on the road until Wednesday morning. A few Corporation workers removed the earth only after the residents complained to the Commissioner T.K. Ponnusamy on Tuesday.

Pointing to the earth still on the road, he said the lose sand fell into the open drain, obstructed the flow of waste water and had created too much trouble to bear in the last year.

During rains it was worse, as the waste water and rain water mixed with the clay soil and made the road unmotorable, said A.M. Ali, a resident. “Autorickshaw and cab drivers refuse to ply to Rose Garden because of the road condition.”

The pipeline carrying drinking water frequently breaks, said N.I. Jalaludeen, another resident. The Corporation was forced to carry frequent repairs by digging the road, which again troubles the residents. “Why is the Corporation finding it difficult to secure the pipeline,” he asked and pointed out that the civic body had dug the road nearly a dozen times in the last couple of years.

Mr. Ahamed said what troubled the residents was that the road they had paid for had undergone too much damage. The residents had paid Rs. 4.20 lakh for it under the ‘Namakku Namae' scheme because it was then a unapproved layout.

The residents said they wanted the Corporation to lay the road afresh and make it motorable.

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