A big pothole lying just a few metres from Collector’s bungalow on the busy Tirupur-Avinashi highway has not been filled ‘permanently’ for many months

Unattended bad stretches of roads in busy locations for many months and unchecked construction of speed breakers that do not comply with the Indian Road Congress guidelines, have become a nightmare for motor vehicle drivers in Tirupur city.

A big pothole that can be spotted just a few metres from Collector’s bungalow/ camp office and Tirupur North MLA; s constituency office, situated on the busy Tirupur-Avinashi highway, has not been filled ‘permanently’ for the past many months.

The authorities time and again filled the hole with loose earth which becomes slushy because of the water leaking from a nearby pipeline.

The Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) used by most of the district officials and elected representatives might be able to travel over the spot comfortably but this is not the case for motorcycle riders, especially during night hours when the visibility is low,” pointed out Hari Chalavara, a shipping company executive who travels through the stretch daily and had a near-fall two months ago while negotiating the pothole.

Similarly, some of the potholes along the 60 Feet Road too are a threat to the lives of motorists.

Despite repeated representations from road users and activists to the district administration, unscientifically-designed speed breakers are allowed to come up at will across the city and that too at short distances.

“Mostly, speed breakers are built by people in front of houses or shops, and the officials not taking any steps to remove them, causing many fatal accidents in recent times.

“The speed breakers should actually break the speed of the vehicle and not the vehicle itself,” P. Somasundaram, secretary of Tirupur Consumer Voice, said.

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