When Arjun Balu bid goodbye to rallying a couple of years ago it disappointed most of his fans. Today he delighted them all with his stunning drive to victory in the second race for the Indian Touring Cars in the second leg of the MMSC-FMSCI national racing championship at the Kari Motor Speedway in Chettipalayam here on Sunday.

Arjun gave his best right through but he was bit unlucky though in the opening race. Despite the odds, he kept his cool to finish third. Having lost out on the top slot to N. Leelakrishnan, Arjun, who loves driving clean, was determined to finish on top in his second outing. He did that right winning an edge of the seat thriller in front of his hometown fans.

The crowd cherished every move of his victory. They applauded him all the way. And, Arjun quietly smiled in joy.

“The first race we should have won, but it was quite unfortunate that I got hit on the back. But that’s what racing is all about,” said Arjun.

Proving a point

Arjun is known for his stylish drive. He is smooth and consistent as well. He wants to prove as much when it comes to circuit racing. And, he has done that to a great extent when he sealed the drivers’ championship title last year.

“When I hung my gloves after 18 years of rallying for my Team MRF, I had no real plans of racing. But with Tiger Sports India providing me with a chance and a fantastic car, I have started to enjoy the sport much. There were many enjoyable moments in rallying but this one is truly special,” said the 38-year-old from Coimbatore.

He is happy working with the team.

“It is the most professional outfit I have ever worked. It works as a unit and is beating the best in the business,” he added.

With the right equipment and a strong bonding with his team members, Arjun prefers to race as long as he can. “Priorities might have changed but abilities remain the same. I wish to convert this ability of mine and score many more victories for my team,” said Arjun.

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