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Updated: June 29, 2010 16:43 IST

Thrilling treat

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Box shot of the game Wanted: Weapons of Fate
Special Arrangement
Box shot of the game Wanted: Weapons of Fate

This movie-inspired game vows you with its stunning visuals and game play.

Yet another movie adaption game that one wouldn't rate any lesser than movie, other than the fact that the game doesn't showcase Fox (Angelina Jolie). Wanted: Weapons of Fate developed by Grin Games has a very straightforward plot, where the hero avenges his mother's death by beating the bad guys and finds his destiny as a professional assassin.

For gamers who had already watched the movie, be ready to be pulled into this thrilling bullet bending experience, and for the rest it is just a whole new treat.

Short but superb

The game starts with Wesley introducing himself as an assassin and the game kicks off with the usual gun training. Gamers get to play two characters from the movie, Wesley (James McAvoy) and his dad Cross (Thomas Kretschmann).

I should add that the visuals and gaming graphics are as stunning as the game play. This is a game that you could plan through an entire Sunday — install it in the morning and you could be done by the evening; disappointingly very short for a good game. Hardcore gamers would call this a demo game.

My personal favourites were the trademark bullet bending shots and at times you also get to see the cool trajectories videos of the bullets shot from your gun. But these shots come with a small price of killing your foes. The crouch for cover and slide on knees between covers makes the game more interesting.

One of the mistakes that Ubisoft could have avoided would be map. One kind of gets a feeling of playing in the same field only with minor differences in lighting. I personally felt I had fired many bullets in same location as Wesely under bright sun and then again as Cross after nightfall. This could have been avoided.

Leaving the minor glitches, this is a must-play game probably most apt to leave plenty of bullets swirling after a tiring week.