Nature and the influence of zodiac signs on human character form the themes of Bindhi Rajagopal's ongoing show

It's all about Mother Nature and at the same time it also ponders over zodiac signs and the influence that it has over human character.

The solo exhibition of paintings by Bindhi Rajagopal now on at the Durbar Hall Art Centre is all these and more. In clear terms, the works of Bindhi Rajagopal, a product of RLV College of Fine Arts, Tripunithura, and currently an art teacher, is turning out to be musings about Nature and a peep into the zodiac.

The artist has used acrylic colours like crimson red, black and scarlet. And when it comes to the subjects, like nature and its living beings, the artist deliberately uses pale green colours. This, according to her, is a deliberate attempt to demonstrate the fast disappearing and decaying greenery of the State.

Of the 28 works on show, a sizable number are thematically based on tribal life and their culture, while the rest is based on zodiac signs. “I have always been curious about the body language of human beings and till date, my observations have never been a study in underestimation,” says the artist.

The exhibition also includes the artist's ‘Ring of Constellations' which was awarded honourable mention by Kerala Lalithakala Akademi this year.

The works based on tribal life is characterised by a natural impulse. A couple of works like ‘Tribal Musicians' and ‘Motherhood' are absorbingly good; they have a meditative quality about them.

The show is on till 16 April.