There's nothing like listening to good ol' blues in fresh, modern freestyle. And that's what city band Ministry of Blues offered to an enthuiastic crowd at the Hard Rock Café recently. With a catchy acronym like ‘MOB', the four-member band raised a toast to some of the greatest legends — Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix and Gary Moore — alongside their own ‘red-hot blues' compositions.

The band comprises Vinoo Matthew (bass guitar), Deepak Kesavan (drums), Philipe Haydon (guitar/vocals) and Rauf Abdul (keyboards/vocals). They unleashed everything from 21st Century rock to the classics.

The MOB has evolved a great deal since their inception in 2005. “We've become a lot tighter in our songs and we work on making our own approach,” says Philipe. “Through the years we've put in our own MOB signature into the music we play,” adds Vinoo.

Dextrous on the drums is Deepak, who adds an innovative edge to MOB's technique.

Veteran bass guitarist Vinoo, in spite of his years of experience, succeeded in instilling youthfulness in his strokes. Philipe may cradle his electric guitar like a baby but his six strings smoked with intense tenacity.

The youngest but equally gifted, Rauf, never had a dull moment with his essay on the keyboard.

Recreating golden masterpieces, MOB played on into the night in tribute to the brilliance of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Gary Moore.


Beat BoxMarch 9, 2011