In November last year, Tintin entered our lives. It was raining without respite and this little fellow kept meowing through the night. The next morning, we saw this sweet little thing walking on our apartment’s compound wall, looking lost. My six-year-old daughter Adithi and I gave him milk to drink, placed a shoe box with soft sheets in it, and he slept in it throughout the day. He slowly managed to find a place in our balcony, then our home, and in our hearts. My daughter who’s a great fan of Tintin comics named him Tintin. He is a very determined kitten; he keeps trying to climb cupboards, attics and trees. He never gives up on challenges and is unbelievably curious, and truly lives up to his name! He wags his tail when Adithi sings, and plays marbles with her. His favourite place to sleep is my mother-in-law’s bed, and his favourite game is hide and seek. He hides behind curtains, doors, under cots and tables, and will call out to us to come and look for him. If I forget to play this game, he will nibble at my legs until I give in. We all love him so much that we can’t imagine how our life was before he became a part of it. I’m an avid dog lover who had never even thought about having a kitten as a pet. Now I can’t stop swooning over him. He turned one in September. Happy Birthday, Tintin.

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Sakunthala nominates her colleague S. Raghupathi for taking care of a dog whose ear had been injured. The dog with a stitched ear now runs to greet him whenever he sees him. Raghupathi feeds 27 dogs in Guindy Industrial Estate every Sunday.

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