It's time to get the glitz back on your nails. The city gets its first ‘Flawless' manicure and pedicure treatment for nails at Glitz Hair Beauty and Spa on SA Road.

The novelty is that your glossy nail paint remains scratch free for weeks together. Dried under UV rays nails remain ‘unchipped' as you go along the rough and tumble of day-to-day work. To remove them you have to visit the parlour once again for simple nail polish removers won't do. But scratch proof, unchipped nails for a couple of months is surely a delight and glamorously path breaking for women who yearn for designer nails.

“Flawless manicure and pedicure are good for honeymooners as they are busy travelling and settling down or for any woman who wishes to have beautiful nails!” says Tanuja, in-charge of this chic boutique parlour, which is an international brand. Flawless, for its magical properties, comes at Rs.1,800.

Spa therapy

Another novel and exciting rejuvenating therapy available here is the hot-stone therapy. From sublime indulgences like body polishing to regular body massage the parlour has all beauty treatments that will make a woman feel on top-of-the-world. Extra special indulgences like customised music while you shower in the designer cubicle is another added feature that will leave you sensually thrilled. Hair treatments like the famed Brazilian blow out is on offer along with routine hair treatment like Keratin care.

For brides the pampering goes a notch higher with special all exclusive rooms for them.

Tanuja elaborates that Glitz is a fun place for girls who come in groups and bond over beauty. The VIP room is exclusive for clients who wish to savour all the treatments at one place. Here the client does not go from one room to the other or wait for her turn but the staff attends to all her needs in this special room.

A luxuriant concept that is finding favour with city girls is to party along with beauty. The VIP room can be reserved by a group who would like to chat and nibble, eat and drink while their beauty needs are attended to.

“We even organise lunch for them if they wish to,” says Tanuja who recently organised a Kerala meal for a stylish group from Toronto who was in the city. They have had several such klatches since their opening in December.

Indulgence one thinks often comes with extravagance but not so here. The regular beauty treatments are competitively priced and if you wish to get the zing then one guesses you need to pay the extra chip. The space is beautifully relaxing, big and wide and your senses are stirred as you step in. The parlour reaches international standards in size and space, in quality of products, service and hygiene. The interiors are done exquisitely and pampering gets an altogether new meaning here. The parlour is open on all days from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

So kick off your shoes, soak your feet in warm water and relax completely taken over by beauty. The city has finally nailed being beautiful in style.