Brahmin's Coffee Bar has thrived for 46 years offering just four items: idli, vada, kesari bath and khara bath

My father has always been a fan of home-cooked food, turning his nose up at aromas, however delicious, beckoning him at street corners.

But even he would, gladly, often forego his mother's delicious breakfast to sample the idlis (soft as mallige, he tells me) and melt-in-the-mouth vadas at Brahmin's Coffee Bar, at Shankarapuram.

Stopping over at the Coffee Bar has become a force of habit for morning joggers, students on their way to college and even devotees of the next door Jain Mandir.

And the fact that it has survived 46 years offering just four items ? idli, vada, kesari bath and khara bath ? is testament to its impeccable standards. ?Initially, the limited variety of breakfast items offered was because of lack of space. But our customers are now so accustomed to our menu, we do not need to change anything,? says Vishwanath Adiga, the owner.

The recipe for each of the items served here is something of a legacy for the Adiga family. The famous chutney is inspired by a recipe of Mr. Adiga's grandmother.

While my grandmother may be disappointed that the Coffee Bar has lured away her son from her kitchen, it has, however, managed to win her approval. Homemaker Sudha Prabhakar sums up the ambience well: ?More than anything, it is the warmth of this place that draws me to it each time. I make it a point to come here at least once a week, along with my family.?


Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011