The Awadhi festival at Marriot Gurgaon left patrons with tastes to remember

Love for Awadhi cuisine is not at first sight — it’s a slow awakening of royal flavours that stimulate the appetite. The MoMo Café at Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon recently concluded a ten-day long Awadhi food festival. The culinary expertise of Chef Mujeeb-ur-Rehman from Lucknow gave gastronomes a chance to savour on the wide variety of the most delectable regal cuisine.

Chef Rehman is recognized for his excellence in Awadhi cuisine and is adescendant of Khansamas (cooks) of the Wajid Ali Shah era.

The buffet began with the Badam Ka Shorba, nice textured smooth roasted almond soup with mild spices and milk. This was followed by the starters. These included the Kabaili Kabab— a pan seared yoghurt cheese and cauliflower kabab spiced with yellow chilli, sandalwood and aloe vera. The Muthiya kababs resembling the seekh kababs were seasoned to perfection. Even the starters had that ‘nafasat’ and ‘nazakat’ that the Awadhi cuisine is famous for.

The saffron scented soft Sheermal bread to my surprise was not at all sweet. I enjoyed it as a starter with the sweet beetroot chutney and itbeats the pita bread hummus combination any day.

In the main course, Tar Gosht and the Bong Zafrani Nahari, which is cooked overnight, are delicacies to relish. Khaas Murgh Pulao, quite different from the regular biryani, was delicious too. I ended with Rehman’s creation, the Mirchi ka Halwa made from and reduced in milk. A must try.