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At a recent play in the city during one of the segments, the main actor got on to the stage and sat comfortably on a couch. The sequence had a soliloquy of the actor and his recorded lines were played. Soon another young man joined him on stage but didn’t face the audience. He took his time, and seemed busy and was positioned in a way that people could neither see him nor the main actor. The audience was seen shifting in its seat, trying to catch a glimpse of what was happening. Soon he left the stage, the soliloquy ended and the main actor started mouthing his lines. That's when the audience realised the actor had walked on stage without his microphone and the mystery man was a backstage person, fixing the mic on his shirt.

Let the music play

Audio launches have to be the least favourite exercise for industry folks. Most of them happen quite early in the morning. A star who attended a recent one quipped how he hardly attends his own audio release functions but had come at nine a.m. for a friend. It started an hour late like most filmy functions do. Soon, every celebrity attending the function gets called to sit on stage. While most people on stage are called to say a few words, there's always one who decides to make a long speech. After a while the reactions of the others sitting on stage listening to the speaker rambling becomes more entertaining. Maybe it's time to take a tip from the Oscars. Let the music start playing after 45 seconds and have the microphone cut off the speaker in a minute.

Worth the wait

As kids we are often taught to wait for our turn and that patience is a virtue. And rightly so. This reporter had an interview with a celebrity. She had a five minute slot with him. She awaited her turn even as other journalists flooded the celebrity with questions. Just as she sat down to ask him questions a bevy of youngsters thronged the interview for pictures, and then another reporter barged in for a quote. Finally, seeing this reporter looking troubled the interviewee said ‘Alright I am ready for your interview. No more answering the others’ questions. Shoot.’ And she managed to get an exclusive.

Pause before you bite

At a recent event, this vegetarian reporter was trying to get experimental with food. As a waiter came in with a tray of delicious-looking tarts, she picked one up to eat. "Vegetarian?" she enquired and he nodded wistfully. And just as she was about to take a bite, he said, “Yes madam, we have, but not this one.”

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