Catch up with “The Extra Terrestrials”, a show featuring European acrobats, laser artistes, unicyclists and illusionists, from February 3 to 7. PRINCE FREDERICK reports

Extraterrestrial life is a subject of great speculation. From Aristotle to Carl Sagan, philosophers and scientists have argued against and for life outside earth. Show Space is convinced it exists. The group claims to have had repeated encounters with extraterrestrials and is even bringing a few to Chennai for a special event — “The Extra Terrestrials”.

Are they bulbous-headed like Spielberg's ET? Do they have eyes on the back of their heads too? Do they communicate among themselves in ways entirely alien to us? The good news is: they are just like any of us. As they speak European languages, a communication barrier is ruled out. “The only difference is they are capable of acts that seem out of the world. As their special skills appear to violate the laws of the natural world, we could not help calling them Extra Terrestrials,” says K. Hariharan, director of 11-year-old events and exhibitions company “Show Space”.

Nothing is impossible

Its first own event production, ‘The Extra Terrestrials' (from February 3 to 7 at The Music Academy) features acrobats, laser artistes, unicyclists, illusionists and others who have turned the ‘impossible' into a profession. “Hailing from various regions of Europe, they have performed at events we organised for our clients. As we'd repeatedly seen them wow audiences, we decided to keep our first production entirely focussed on their supernatural feats,” says Hariharan.

A continuing series of campaigns by Show Space underlines this motley group's ability to leave the audience awe-struck. Campaign posters show people wide-eyed and jaw-dropping. “It is wow guaranteed,” says Hariharan. “There's a surfeit of films and music in people's lives. We wanted to give them entertainment that is rarely experienced. Seeing the response to the show, we realise how hungry people are for such offbeat entertainment.”

Among those enthralling the audience will be Roma Hervida, renowned for her gravity-defying twirls and staggering feats on the trapeze. She has excelled at numerous international festivals for artistes of her kind. She won hearts at the famous Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain in Paris and the rock and roll tour with Marius Muller Westernhagen.

The unicycle is an amazing study in economy. When ridden by an expert such as Erik Ivarsson, it becomes an art form. When nine, Ivarsson fell for the unicycle while visiting ‘Ludvika Minicircus', a Swedish circus school. Ola and Barbro Nordstrom, unicyclists for over three decades, taught him the marvels that can be performed, balancing on a single wheel. With a one-month contract at an amusement park in Liseberg, Ivarsson's spectacular unicycling journey began. It has taken him to the big stage in Las Vegas, among other hot entertainment hubs. After making a mark as a mime, illusionist and ventriloquist, Jerome Murat wanted to discover a new way of wowing audiences. His search ended in an unexpected manner. While roaming around a museum, the idea of a “living statue” took shape in his mind. His first “living statue” performance received an overwhelming response. He has performed the act on television channels in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, and at crowded theatres and cabarets.

Tricks with light

Light can play tricks on the eyes. Theo Dari plays tricks with light. Theo uses laser beams the way a builder uses steel beams — he bends them to create astonishing images. With the help of laser pointers, the Frenchman does magical acts. However, Theo's masterpiece is ‘Laserman 3D', which takes lasers into a three-dimensional world.

At ‘The Extra Terrestrials', Hervida, Ivarsson, Murat, Dari and others will perform feats in a show lasting 75 minutes. Fifteen such shows are spread across five days (February 3 to 7). For details, call 93805 14803 or log on to From today, tickets can be booked at The Music Academy and Landmark, Nungambakkam.

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